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 Blum SERVO DRIVE Technology
Shuffling items from hand to hand trying to open a drawer or cabinet? The fuss is over with Blum’s SERVO DRIVE technology. With a gentle tap or light pull on a handle, your cabinet drawers or cupboard doors will open softly and effortlessly on their own. While they’re in motion, though, you can grab them and stop them at any time. If there’s a power outage, you can still operate your doors and drawers manually. Special bumpers and cabling make it easy to install the system to any of your kitchen storage areas.
Builders Bargains
Anchorage Home Show; Mat-Su Home Show; IABA Home Show
American Whirlpool 982 Hot Tub
Transform your backyard into a spa retreat with the American Whirl- pool 982 Hot Tub. Soak away stress and target your muscles with 84 hydrotherapy jets for complete indulgence. The tub accommodates eight people and comes with many customization features, including
a water purification system, wifi connectivity and a bluetooth music system. Perfect for entertaining family or just getting away from it all. The fully removable, energy-efficient insulation allows for easy repair, if ever needed. The full steel frame comes with a lifetime warranty and an ABS-sealed base, keeping moisture out and heat in.
Alaska Stove & Spa
Anchorage Home Show; Mat-Su Home Show

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