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Still making repairs from the big ‘quake? If you need to make concrete repairs – stabilizing a concrete slab, repairing a driveway or setting a pole – consider asking your contractor about Specialty Products, Inc.’s ECO-RISE foam. ECO-RISE is a two-component, closed cell, rigid structural plyurethane foam system free from toxic heavy metal catalysts, ozone-depleting products, bromine, halogenated components and formaldehyde. It’s also safe for burying or disposing at a landfill, resistant to mildew, bacteria and fungus, and it can withstand the Alaskan cold. It’s lower cost than many concrete options, quicker to apply, has less weight impact on soil, and it creates a better insulated base than concrete and other alternatives, like grout jacking. With ECO-RISE, you may even be able to float your garage slab with foam instead of going through extra steps tearing it out and repouring it.
Polyseal Insulation
Anchorage Home Show
Exhibitors at the upcoming home shows share what's hot right now in home products and trends
E550 Endless Pools Fitness System
The E550 Endless Pools Fitness System is fully dedicated to giving the ultimate swim experience – 15 feet long featuring a wider exercise area with no jetted seats. This extra space improves water flow throughout the spa, which can be adjusted to add resistance and engage your core. After a long day, you can still unwind with 23 hydromassage jets positioned at back height. You can also opt for an underwater treadmill to walk, jog or run in a watery low-impact environment.
The Waterworks Spas and Saunas
Anchorage Home Show; Kenai Peninsula Builders Association Home Show; Mat-Su Home Show

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