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Where's the drain?

This Tile Insert Frame linear drain allows any flooring material to be installed inside the tile-in tray providing a seamless appearance. By sloping the floor in one direction there is no limitation on tile style, size or material. These drains are the perfect solution to conceal drainage in showers, laundry rooms or water closets. From a design standpoint, the Tile Insert drains allow geometric shapes and whimsical patterns to be carried from shower floor to ceiling for an uninterrupted and refreshing look. Visit

Let’s Roomba!

iRobot Corp.’s new Roomba i3+ is a stylish new Roomba vacuum packed with advanced features. The product offers intelligent navigation, self-emptying capability, and an expanded range of personalized cleaning features. With its Clean Base Automatic Dirt Disposal, the robot empties debris on its own, with no intervention from the user. Consumers don't have to think about emptying the bin for months at a time or worrying the robot won't finish the job due to a full bin. The Roomba i3+ automatically empties up to 60 days' worth of dirt and debris into the Clean Base, which doubles as the robot's charging station. The debris is then locked away in the Clean Base's enclosed AllergenLock bag that uses four layers of allergen blocking material to trap 99 percent of pollen and mold. The Roomba i3+ purposefully and logically cleans in neat rows to navigate multiple rooms within the home, across hard floors and carpet. If the robot's battery runs low, the Roomba i3+ will automatically recharge and resume cleaning until the job is complete. Whether you're heading off to work or going for a hike, the Roomba i3+ can begin cleaning when prompted by location-based services like Life360 or from smart home devices, like the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock. When paired with Alexa enabled devices or the Google Assistant, users can control the Roomba i3+ with just the sound of their voice. For more info, visit

Odor-resistant washers

Got a stinky front-loading washing machine? The new GE UltraFresh Front Load Washer shuts the door on odors. Winner of the Gold Award at the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show, this GE washer was specifically designed to prevent the growth of bacteria that can cause odors and lead to mold. Front load washing machines were designed for high-efficiency operation – they use the least water and energy, are gentler on clothes and have more capacity; however, 46 percent of consumers say that mold or odor is their top frustration when it comes to considering front load washers and many do not want to leave the door open to avoid the problem. In fact, one in two front load owners move back to top load washers because of smell and associated maintenance. With an emphasis on antimicrobial and odor-control technologies, GE aims to resolve this common odor complaint. It features an innovative vent system that introduces airflow to your washer door, to prevent excess moisture and subsequent bacteria and odor development when you close the machine door between washes. Additionally, the new models have SmartDispense technology, which holds an entire bottle of detergent, enough to wash 32 loads, and can sense how much detergent to use based on the weight and fiber of individual loads. The new washers also have flexible doors and come in two new colors, Satin Nickel and Diamond Gray. Available locally at Spenard Builders Supply, Allen & Petersen, or visit

Spills and spots – busted!

Tackle those wet and chunky messes – you know, the ones you hate to touch – with Black & Decker’s new Cordless Spill + Spot Cleaner. With this spillbuster, you can skip the paper towels as the handheld's wide nozzle is designed to vacuum solid and liquid messes. The spray outlet dispenses cleaning solution (sold separately) while the scrub brush deep cleans stains from spots and spills. Simply vacuum the wet and chunky mess, spray the cleaning solution, and lift tough stains with the powered or manual scrub brush. The spillbuster also features a detachable tank for effortless emptying and cleaning. Perfect for pet messes, kid messes and untouchable wet and chunky messes, including pet accidents, dirt and mud stains, and food and beverage spills on carpet, upholstery, tile, hardwood, and other surfaces. Available locally at Spenard Builders Supply, or for a full list of retailers near you, visit

Gourmet coffee at home

The JURA ENA 8 in massive aluminum is a signature updated to the ENA 8 series, featuring all aluminum paneling for an exquisite fit and finish. Bringing the gourmet coffee experience home, it can deliver 10 different coffee specialties at the touch of a button – always freshly ground, not capsuled. All this while retaining the small profile, at only 12.7" tall. Small, stunning and simple, the ENA 8 features an appealing all-round design, with a cylindrical water tank inspired by premium crystal carafes. With its color display and clearly defined operating panels, JURA is extremely easy to use. The fine foam technology creates airy, feather-light milk foam for cappuccino and other specialties. With the free app, J.O.E. (JURA Operating Experience), the user can easily operate the machine from a smartphone or tablet – to personalize favorite beverages, initiate brewing, view maintenance instructions and videos, order filters and more. For info, visit

Space-saving medicine cabinet

Designed to enhance the grooming experience while eliminating bathroom clutter and increase space-savings, Robern’s Uplift Tech takes innovation to an art form. Robern's Uplift Tech Collection is the first bathroom cabinet to utilize vertical opening (no-swing doors) for unobstructed views, the manufacturer says. The creative vertical door application ensures it will not interfere with tall faucets and hanging light fixtures and provides flexibility even in the smallest of spaces. Offering a range of technological advances and space-saving options, it comes with optional perimeter lighting with consistent accurate color rendering, a defogger, a USB port, electrical outlet ports, and tamper-resistant plugs. Additional features include adjustable shelving, interior integrated cabinet lighting, and an exterior nightlight. Visit

Smart stone

Uncomplicate your life with cables and reach for a wireless charger that also beautifies your home workspace. Simply set your phone on the Eggtronic Wireless Charging Stone for fast, 10-watt charging capabilities. The device is Qi compatible for charging Apple and Samsung smartphones and wireless earbuds. Choose from five different stone/marble finishes to match the choice of any elegant aesthetic: black marble, white marble, sandstone, lava stone and travertine stone. Visit

Cabinet jewelry

Swapping out hardware can be a quick and cost-effective way to give any bathroom a small facelift. For those who are more mindful of their spending right now, Atlas Homewares offers a variety of affordable choices, like the Elizabeth knobs pictured here. Like fashion, Atlas styles are ever-changing and ever-evolving. Each collection pays homage to a specific design motif, whether it be minimalist, classic, retro or futuristic. Atlas offers something for everyone from transitional to contemporary to eclectic. Visit

Functional works of art

Native Trails, a leading manufacturer of eco-friendly, artisan-crafted kitchen and bath products, recently launched its Murano Collection, an exquisite line of glass vessel sinks handcrafted by Italian artisans. The unique colors and patterns in the collection are created during the molding and spinning process, and every sink is expertly hand-formed, giving each piece its own personality as an irreplaceable work of functional art. The Murano Collection comes in five design series – Beachcomber, Abyss, Bianco, Shoreline, and Abalone – each comprised of multiple sink styles, though every sink is unique. (Shown here: 'Lido' from the Abalone series; and 'Positano' from the Shoreline series.) To find a local showroom, visit

Aromatherapy shower

Want to create a more relaxing, spa-like bathroom? Consider adding Moen’s new aromatherapy handshower, allowing you to attach aromatherapy shower capsules straight to the shower head to infuse with essential oils. The showerhead diffuses the oils into your shower without leaving oil residue on you or your shower. Customize your shower with options to increase the concentration of the oil in your shower, and pick between several fragrances, from energizing to more relaxing scents. The sprayer itself has six settings – from relaxing massage to downpour to a more intense rinse. For a list of local retailers, visit

Beauty of hardwood

Bring stunning style to any space in your home with worry-free COREtec Plus floors. These 100-percent waterproof vinyl planks look like real wood and can be installed in high-moisture areas, like the kitchen or laundry room, without the worry of swelling or water damage. The planks have a micro-bevel edge giving them a true hardwood flooring look. Plus, unlike some of the other luxury vinyl products on the market that use simulated graphics, COREtec has real texture and real graining. COREtec comes in a number of wood grains such as a rustic look, extra-wide planks, extra-long planks and multi-tone planks. Color options include light and dark browns, reds and grays/whitewashes. Each plank features a number of layers for extra durability, including a 0.5 mm wear layer that protects your floors even in high traffic or commercial areas, and an underlayment made out of cork that adds extra insulation to floors and absorbs sounds, making it quiet to walk on. And, with its resistance to mold and mildew, your family is protected from effects of these allergens. (Shown above: COREtec Plus Enhanced Planks in 'Mornington Oak.') Available locally at Florcraft Carpet One Floor & Home or visit

Refreshment center

Because of the rising interest in wine and craft beers, Bosch created the Refreshment Center, a glass-front drawer that is designed to optimize beverage storage. The center drawer has five pre-programmed settings for beverages, beer, champagne, white wine and red wine – perfect for storing your favorite thirst quencher. Just press the buttons on the appliance to set the temperature and humidity levels that will best preserve those wines or other sensitive beverages. You can also use an app on your smartphone to set custom settings and monitor the drawer’s environment. The drawer can hold up to 17 standard wine bottles, or just remove the top shelf to accommodate up to six large ones. Additionally, the Bosch 800 Series refrigerator uses dual compressors and evaporators to control temperature and humidity while limiting odor transfer between different zones in the appliance. For local retailers, visit

Glass rinser

Ever watched a bartender quickly rinse a glass by pressing it down on a clever device that shoots water up? Now these countertop glass rinsers are entering the home. Delta's new Glass Rinser uses high-pressure water jets to rinse every ounce of residue inside glassware, baby bottles, and more. Its sleek, low-profile design coordinates with any faucet and it can be easily installed in an empty countertop hole, such as those used for soap dispensers and sink sprayers. Consider installing one outside the kitchen, such as in a bar area or even in the bathroom for rinsing out glasses in a flash. The rinsers come in chrome and SpotShield stainless-steel finishes, but will soon be available in seven additional finishes. Available locally through Central Plumbing & Heating, or visit for a list of additional retailers.

2-in-1 shower

The Delta In2ition Two-in-One Shower features a detachable hand shower which can be used separately from or simultaneously with the showerhead. H2Okinetic showers are powered by an innovative technology that sculpts the water into a unique wave pattern, giving users the feeling of more water without using more water and creating a shower with more warmth, coverage and intensity. Delta’s soft rubber Touch-Clean spray holes allow any mineral residue to simply be wiped away for an instantly refreshed look – with no need for soaking or the aid of chemical cleaners. Spray settings include: H2Okinetic PowerDrench spray, full body spray, massaging spray, shampoo rinsing spray and pause. The pause setting gives users ample space for shaving, lathering and other shower tasks, without worrying about overspray or water waste. For local retailers, visit

A surface that’s ‘magnifica’

Bedrosians Tile & Stone has announced an amazing new countertop solution – the Magnifica Porcelain Collection, which now offers 2cm porcelain slabs – the first ever made in the U.S. Fabricators are drawn to this new size because it transports, fabricates and installs as easy as natural stone and quartz countertops. Designers and homeowners love its beauty, cross-functionality, and supreme durability that surpasses quartz, offering a green product without any resin fillers. Fine marble and natural stone surfaces are synonymous with luxury, but maintenance and upkeep require a little or a lot more effort depending on the stone – especially with busy families and active households. However, Magnifica offers a compromise that marries the look of natural stone with the easy maintenance of porcelain, delivering high-end looks with all the benefits porcelain tile is famous for. This solid surface is shock-proof, heat-proof, acid-proof and, of course, spill-proof. Magnifica is large format porcelain, offered in sizes as large as 60-in. by 127-in. and as small as 30-in. by 15-in. with thicknesses ranging from 2cm to 8mm and 6mm. Homeowners can use porcelain the same way natural stone has been used for ages. The organic looks are created by taking real stone slabs, scanning them and replicating them on porcelain panels. Visit

Stay safe this holiday season

While decking the halls and preparing for parties, here are three safety tips to protect your home and loved ones this holiday season:

Holiday Lights. A report from the National Fire Protection Association revealed that nearly two-thirds of fires involving decorative lights are due to electrical failures or malfunctions. Be sure to use appropriate indoor or outdoor lights that have been tested and approved by an independent laboratory (typically indicated on the product packaging). If you live in an older house, it may be a good idea to get a professional check-up from an electrician before loading up outlets.

Candles. While candles can give your home a festive atmosphere during the holidays, be sure to always keep a watchful eye. With an estimated 15,600 home fires caused by candles each year, according to the U.S. Fire Administration, it’s important to keep fire extinguishers nearby and make sure they are easily accessible if you plan on burning candles in your home.

Holiday Cooking. The kitchen stove is among the most frequent sources of carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning in the home. To help eliminate danger of overexposure, always run exhaust fans when cooking. As an added precaution, check CO alarms and smoke alarms before the holiday season by testing function and replacing batteries as needed. Smoke alarms should be replaced at least every 10 years and CO alarms every five to seven years – although several new models now offer a lifespan of 10 years, such as the 10-Year CO Alarm (CO710) by First Alert. Visit

Leak detector

Smart home devices help homeowners save money in a variety of ways these days, from adjusting the thermostat to turning off lights. And now Flo by Moen can help ensure that expensive flooding and damage never happens. By installing Flo by Moen on the water main coming into your house, the device can detect a leak as little as one drop per minute so rather than a slow leak running inside your drywall and resulting in black mold, you are notified before it becomes a problem. And if a water pipe bursts, it will turn off­ the water main and alert you. Additionally, for a small monthly fee, Flo identifies the water-using appliances and fixtures in the home – shower by shower, flush by flush, and even washer load by washer load – giving you insight into your home’s water use. Over its lifetime, the Flo by Moen could potentially save a homeowner thousands of dollars. For local retailers, visit

Clean the unseen

Of the 327 million people who live in the U.S., it is estimated that 50 million suffer from allergies. If you or a loved one count yourselves among this group, being stuck indoors can literally make you sick. This is because every day we breathe in thousands of allergens such as mold spores, pet dander and pollen that live in our mattresses, pillows and other home fabrics. Dust mites and their waste products are one of the most common causes of year-round allergies and asthma so ridding your home of these uninvited guests sets the stage for healthy living. To the delight of allergy suffers and clean freaks everywhere, RAYCOP’s new Omni Power UV+ Cordless Vacuum kills germs and captures 99.9 percent of particles to ensure allergens do not get released back into homes. The unit uses a four-stage filtration process, including a HEPA filter, ultraviolet light technology (safe for humans, bad for bacteria), pulsation and optimized suction, making it three times more effective at capturing allergens than a regular vacuum. The stick vacuum goes where you go, cleaning multiple home surfaces, including floors, upholstery and other fabrics – even bedding. Boasting a strong battery life, Omni Power UV+ allows homeowners roughly 40 minutes of uninterrupted cleaning time and an easy-to-empty filter. Visit

Split finish

Can a kitchen faucet be transformed from a utilitarian fixture to a statement piece? For Newport Brass, the answer is a resounding yes as shown with their eye-catching split finish faucets. Touted as one of the year’s biggest design trends, matte black and mixed metals in the kitchen and bath create a modern and formal look for any home or business. At the forefront of kitchen couture, Newport Brass offers this contemporary design for the Adams and Heaney faucets featuring a matte black spout with either satin nickel or satin brass accents and handle. Never sacrificing functional performance for aesthetics, the faucets include a signature magnetic docking system that secures the pull-out spray head to the spout when not in use and also features a two-function toggle control spray engine with a pivot ball fitting that enhances directional control within the sink. The split-finish faucets are constructed out of solid brass to deliver long-lasting beauty and performance. Visit

Go dark in the kitchen

Matte black is trending everywhere these days – from exterior paint to living room decor to cabinet hardware and more. And now, kitchen appliances are embracing this edgy color – and its many benefits. Maytag introduces Cast Iron Black, a finely textured, matte finish engineered to stand up to daily wear and tear while helping to hide fingerprints and minor dents. White cabinetry has long dominated kitchen design aesthetic, but more homeowners are adding pops of color through the use of colorful cabinetry, mixed textures and unique backsplashes or accessories. Cast Iron Black has endured 1,000 hours of testing to make sure it can stand up to everyday use and is now available on select Maytag models. For local retailers, visit

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