Cherry Jam-hattan

Preparation Time: 5 Minutes
Serves: 1



1 tablespoon tart cherry preserves

1 1/2 ounce bourbon

1 ounce dry vermouth

2 dashes bitters

Orange slice


Fill martini shaker with ice. Add preserves, bourbon, vermouth and bitters; place lid on shaker, and shake until cold and blended. Strain into 1 glass.

Garnish with orange slice.

Serving a crowd? Mix together a few batches of this recipe, and shake with ice just before serving. Give a complete gift. Create a box filled with all of the ingredients to make this cocktail. Wrap it up, and tie the recipe card on the box.

Calories 210 | Carbohydrates 19g | Sodium 10mg

Shake Up Holiday Parties with Fruity, Festive Cocktails

For your next holiday gathering, impress guests with a delicious cocktail made with an ingredient typically reserved for breakfast.

No longer just toast-toppers, jams, jellies and preserves are making a splash in the craft-cocktail scene. Whether you prefer the bite of red currants, the sweetness of apricots or the tartness of raspberries, now all of your favorite fruit spreads are making an appearance at parties from coast to coast. These hip new fruit infusions are an easy way to create a signature cocktail at your next holiday gathering.

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Jam cocktails

When it comes to the holidays, craft cocktails are becoming as important as cookies. During your holiday festivities, break away from boring beverages and serve up Cherry Jam-hattans, an interpretation of a classic Manhattan made with your favorite cherry preserves with some ice, strain and drink up.

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