Salmon Lox Rolls

Recipe courtesy of Chef Mike Dodge, Hott Stixx

Yields approx. 40 rolls

Salmon Lox Rolls

16 oz Alaskan smoked salmon lox

1 lb Alaskan king crab

1 Tbs Sriracha hot chili sauce

1 cup cream cheese

1 pack Alaskan grown daikon sprouts

1 oz Hajiki (black seaweed)

Separate the salmon lox slices and lay them flat on cutting a board. Cut into smaller triangle shaped pieces. Mix the hot chili sauce and cream cheese together and spread a small amount onto the base of the triangle. Remove the crab from the shell and cut into small pieces. Place a piece of crab on top of the cream cheese. Next cut the bottoms off the daikon sprouts and place on top of the crab. Roll up the salmon lox from the base into a tube shape. Garnish with sesame seeds and sprinkle with Hajiki (black seaweed).