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More kitchen storage

Q: I am contemplating a kitchen remodel and right at the top of my new kitchen wish list is ‘more storage.’ What are some ways to get it? Any remodeling tricks to maximize every inch of our kitchen?

There are many ways to gain storage in your kitchen. When homeowners imagine a kitchen with more storage, many times they think: “I need more cabinets or a larger kitchen to do that!” or “My kitchen is far too small and cramped already to gain any more storage.” These are common misconceptions about gaining storage in the kitchen.

One way to gain additional storage without taking up any more floor space in your kitchen is to make your cabinets taller. Many homes have the standard 30” high cabinets, with either an open space, drop ceiling or soffit above them. If you are able to remove the drop ceiling or soffit, taking your cabinets up to the ceiling gives you at least an extra 12” by 12” of space for each upper cabinet in your kitchen. Concerned you won't be able to reach that high every day? This space can be used for once-a-year items and extra storage for the things that homeowners originally had to store out on their counter.

Another funny thing about storage is that even if you have it, it might not be usable. Usable storage is vital in the kitchen. Examples of better use of storage include: roll-out trays for your base cabinets, pull-out pantries, tray dividers, pull outs for a blind base cabinet, large wood lazy susans, etc. These are all accessories that make storage in your kitchen much more efficient and organized, giving you more usable space.

One final tip to gain storage in your kitchen is to change up your floor plan if you are able to. We see too many kitchens where the layout does not make the most of the space. Adding an island, taking away a wall, or bringing your kitchen out into an unused breakfast nook are all ways to improve storage.

Kasilia Pence is a designer for Creative Kitchen Designs in Anchorage. Creative Kitchen Designs has been open since 1998 and has facilitated numerous kitchen remodels. Visit