Ask the Expert

Eye-catching property photos

Q: Many potential home buyers spend a lot of time perusing photos online before deciding to see a property in person. Any photography tips we should keep in mind to make sure our property catches the eye of a buyer?

Today’s homebuyers overwhelmingly start their house hunt online, so if you’re selling, your online listing is crucial. You may face stiff competition from other properties on the market, so you must hook potential buyers immediately. Posting high-quality photos is one of the surest ways to do this.

Here are our top tips:

Include critical images. There are certain pictures people just expect to see. Miss any of these critical areas of the property, and they’re likely to click away fast.

• Outside/Exterior
• Kitchen
• Living Room
• Master Bathroom

Focus on getting the best possible shots of those parts of your home. Ensure they’re decluttered and in as pristine condition as possible.

Remove easy eyesores. Address items that don’t require much effort on your part to remove but can drastically improve a picture. Think cars in the driveway, garbage cans, shovels and kids’ toys. You get the idea!

Turn on the lights. Good lighting is huge. Experienced real estate photographers often use multiple lights to make your images stand out. However, one simple thing to do on your own is to turn on your lights. It really makes a big difference.

Open blinds and window coverings. The lighter and brighter, the better. Natural light can do things that interior lighting just can’t. Open window coverings also make the space feel bigger, and if you have a view, you get to show it off.

Find the clean counter sweet spot. This tip applies to the whole house, but it’s particularly noticeable with counters. Most people either clear them off completely or leave them as-is. Both are mistakes.

Completely cleared off counters feel bare and can actually seem smaller. As-is counters tend to appear cluttered. Your goal should be to remove almost everything…but leave a few attractive items to make the space feel homey and lived-in. Light staging, if possible, is ideal.

Follow these simple tricks, and you’re far more likely to catch potential buyers’ eyes.

Dave Davis is the owner of DMD Real Estate Photography. Since 2009, the company has helped over 10,000 Alaskan homeowners create amazing images of their properties. Visit