Ask the Expert

Closet Storage Ideas

Q: Our modest-sized walk-in closet has plenty of space but no organization other than the basic one shelf and one rod. What are some strategies to make the space more efficient and to squeeze out as much extra storage as possible?

None of us are strangers to the standard long shelf and rod. Your top shelf is probably being used for folded clothes. Because it is one straight run of shelving with no divisions, keeping messy stacks of folded clothes from toppling over and finding what you need can be very frustrating. We’ve all been there.

We suggest creating the perfect marriage of storage and function. Maximizing your storage is only one part of the equation, having easy access to your items is the other. That’s where function comes to play. A smart closet design can make the best of both storage and function.

Adjustable shelving for folded items is an option for keeping your items neatly contained and easy to find. The adjustability gives you the freedom to add shelving, or raise and lower shelving as your storage needs change. Double hanging sections are a great way of maximizing space. For example, an upper and lower hanging rod in a 30” space is the equivalent of 60” of hanging in your typical closet. With this one small change, you have doubled your storage capacity. These are just a couple of ideas that would help you maximize your current closet space.

Angela Pekich and Luis Suarez are the owners of Inspired Closets Anchorage, providing custom storage systems and innovative solutions throughout the state of Alaska.