Fabulous fixtures

Need a bathroom pick-me-up? Create a new and improved space by updating fixtures. From spa-like showerheads all the way down to decorative drains, here are some inspiring ideas to help surround yourself with a sense of luxury.

Sublime Collection by Fluid

The Sublime Collection by Fluid reaches the highest levels of form and functionality. It was fashioned in the shape of a semi-arc rainbow, with its spout pointing to the sky. Its gently curved spout makes it the ideal fixture for vessel sinks of various heights and shapes as well as architectural basins. www.fluidfaucets.com

Kohler Elevance Rising Bath

Kohler's latest innovation, the Elevance Rising Wall bath, introduces a new way of bathing. A stylish alternative to walk-in and institutional-looking options, the bath offers the relaxing bathing experience you desire, with added accessibility. It is sized for a standard 5' alcove so it can replace an existing bath or be used in new construction. Found locally at Central Plumbing & Heating, Keller Supply Co., The Home Depot, Lowe's and Ferguson. www.us.kohler.com

Eurosmart Cosmopolitan

High-quality design at an extremely attractive price - that's what the new Eurosmart Cosmopolitan Collection is all about. The new faucet line emerged as the clear winner from a personal preference test among end users, who simply loved the modern and clear design. These faucets not only incorporate proven, top-of-theline technology but also score big on versatility. Available locally at Ferguson Enterprises, Pacific Plumbing Supply, Keller Supply Co. www.groheamerica.com


A glass vessel sink creates an eyecatching focal point and helps turn an ordinary bathroom into a lavish space. Consider tempered glass - it's five times stronger than regular glass. www.ronbow.com

Shown here: Ronbow's tempered goldfish artistic glass vessel (TP42-12G03); and square tempered transparent tea gray glass vessel (TP4242-12L5).


The new Raindance E showerhead by Hansgrohe is uniquely rectangular, chosen with the shape of the human body in mind - particularly the width of the shoulders. These new showerheads are available in three sizes, up to 17" wide, in chrome, brushed nickel and polished nickel. Thanks to their slim design and reduced height, the showerheads have a light appearance. The E 420 2-Jet offers the wide Rainflow waterfall spray for an entirely unique shower experience. Available locally at Ferguson Enterprises and Keller Supply Co. www.hansgrohe-usa.com

Abrazo by Kohler

The Abrazo freestanding bath's unique organic shape makes it a natural focal point of your contemporary bath. Made from exclusive Kohler Lithocast solid-surface material, Abrazo has a matte finish that resembles real stone, but feels warm to the touch. And, it's easy to clean. Found locally at Ferguson Enterprises. www.us.kohler.com


Reminiscent of 19th century water pumps, Graff took an outdated product and not only scaled it down for residential use, they updated the "pump" mechanism that requires nothing more than a slight lift - no priming of this pump necessary. The Bali Collection retains its unique ties to both past and present. Perfect for adding a touch of traditionalism coupled with a more modern polished chrome finish. In its more raditional olive bronze finish, it fits right in as an elegant and respectful ode to days gone by. The floor-mounted exposed tub filler stands up to 38-9/16", and comes with a handshower with a 59" flexible hose. Available locally at Pacific Plumbing. www.graff-faucets.com


Fleurco is adding new options to its award-winning Kinetik hardware systems line of shower doors. Relying on German technology, the innovative Kinetik rolling system is made with precision-engineered, stainlesssteel components, including sealed water-resistant frictionless bearings to ensure long-lasting performance. These stainless-steel bearings allow the rollers to glide smoothly along a solid stainless-steel rail. Panels weighing up to 200 pounds will slide effortlessly with the push of a finger time after time. The Tek.RV roller system will complement a minimalist and cleanlooking decor, and the system is perfect for a more industrial ambiance and is well-suited in a contemporary decor. vwww.fleurco.com

Kohler Stance

A definitive expression of contemporary design, the Stance faucet collection asserts itself with strong, architectural lines. Featuring refined angles and edges, the faucet collection offers a striking design statement for modern living spaces. Lavatory faucets with water-saving aerators, bath fillers and high-performance showering components let you create a coordinated, modern bathroom. Found locally at Central Plumbing & Heating, Ferguson Enterprises, Keller Supply Co., The Home Depot and Lowe's. www.us.kohler.com. Shown here: Kohler Stance Single Control Tall Lavatory Faucet (#K-14761-4)


A Korean engineering breakthrough three years in the making, AirJet showerheads are made from a patented vacuum valve built at the end of the shower head designed to increase water pressure via air intake. AirJet also utilizes the Venturi Effect of fluid mechanics, which generates a high-pressured shower while using only half the water. AirJet comes with a satisfying high-pressure of up to 80 psi and uses as little as 1.5 gallons per minute. The product is compatible with all typical home showers. Even in dated buildings with old piping – resulting in a trickling, low-pressure water system rather than high-pressured spray – AirJet can step in as an economical alternative to replacing the entire piping system. www.efandbiotech.com

Deco Swirl StyleDrain

The new decorative square shower drains by California Faucets put an elegant end to your shower, each with its own distinctive stylish pattern. Like an art feature underfoot, these forged-brass-finished drain covers feature a flush grill with no visible screws for a smooth and refined look and feel. The drains are easy to work with, and installing tile around these simple square covers couldn't be simpler. The large-scale drains allow water to evacuate quickly and are capable of handling the flow from your favorite rain shower and waterfall fixtures. Available in polished chrome, satin nickel, and premium finishes like English brass or black nickel. For local retailers, visit www.calfaucets.com. Shown here: Deco Swirl StyleDrain