Child's play

Child's Play

a guest room turns into a paradise for kids - playhouse included

Story by Tosha Kelly • Photography by Danny Daniels

Children are one of life's greatest gifts, but little ones come with some cargo. If your idea of home design doesn't include a mountain of toys and a scattering of stuffed animals in every room, consider converting space into a dedicated kids' playroom.

Owners of WoodBuilt Homes, Inc., Linda and Steve Quigley did just that. The Quigleys, who have their grandchildren over frequently, transformed their small guestroom into a fun, functional kids' room, complete with a playhouse.

In designing the room, the Quigleys focused on utilizing space to the fullest extent. The room had a 5.5-foot by 10-foot walk-in closet that the Quigleys thought would make a perfect spot for a whimsical playhouse. For storage, they added two bi-fold closets into another wall and used bunk beds to free up floor space.

Linda and Steve Quigley, WoodBuilt Homes, Inc.
Super Floors of Alaska
Décor Lighting
Plexiglass and safety bars
Speedy Glass
Rams Horn Electric
Faux plaster-brick exterior
Linda Quigley
The Home Depot

They transformed the walk-in closet by vaulting the ceiling, adding an upper floor at about four-and-a-half feet, and building stairs between the two floors. "It kind of evolved," says Linda. "We talked about doing more of a loft idea, but once it was framed in, I didn't think the (new space in the closet) was big enough to accommodate the original plans."

The entry is a child-sized cutout, with a second mouse hole-shaped cutout on the second level that leads to a long green slide. The Quigleys also added a safe and kid-friendly touch to the playhouse: low-voltage halogen shower lights that won't burn curious little fingers.

The remodel seems to be a hit with its intended audience. One 13-month-old grandchild has discovered the light switch and loves to turn it on and off, says Linda with a laugh, and the 3-year-old loves to climb the stairs and slide down. Best of all, Linda and Steve Quigley can enjoy newly freed up space in their own "playhouse" — the family room.