Room with a View

Story by Randi Jo Gause • Photography by Aaron Weaver & Kevin Hartwell

When Annette Coleman decided to renovate her master bathroom, she already had the advantage of a stunning exterior view of the city, mountains and Cook Inlet. As a result, her main priority was to convert the impractical layout and features to a more comfortable setting, one that would reflect the serenity of the picturesque view outside.

Coleman began by selecting Karen Peterson of Peterson Interiors to redesign the master bath of her 2,000 square foot home. Despite its petite size, Peterson knew that a strategic layout and updated features would enhance the functionality and aesthetic appeal of the room.

"It was in a serious state of disrepair," Peterson explains. First, a small bathtub was cornered off, obstructing any access to the beautiful view. Second, the toilet was placed in an unfortunate position; in full view of the entire bedroom, it offered little to no privacy for users.

"My client had a vision of capturing the view, creating a relaxing, beautiful master suite," says. In order to bring the mountains into focus, she strategically considered the layout of the room. The main question that Peterson had to answer was whether to separate bed and bath in the master suite.

"There definitely was much discussion on the pros and cons of keeping the bedroom and bath all open," she says. But with windows occupying an entire wall and part of the other, it was important to capture the view from all areas. Ultimately, they decided to go with an open look, in which the corner tub is positioned to allow the user a view of the surrounding Alaskan beauty. "Separation would have cut that off," she says. "Now, as you enter the room the mesmerizing view and beauty is captivating."

Peterson incorporated contemporary themes of luxury, relaxation and a spa sensation into her vision. She replaced outdated appliances with a Jacuzzi tub, luxury shower and double-bowl private commode area – a place, she says, "where a homeowner could retreat from the hectic lifestyle outside their home."

The new master bath is as beautiful as it is functional. The commode and shower are designed for privacy and ease of use. Glass mosaic wall tiling in a kaleidoscope of colors refracts natural light. "It has given this area a reflective value," she says. With sunlight flooding in through the windows, she says, "it's just magical."

A need for additional storage also led Peterson to incorporate space-enhancing features. "We have increased the size of the double vanity, providing adequate cabinet space, as well as a cabinet between the sinks," she explains.

The countertops for the double-vanity were replaced with more elegant granite to complement the new look. The floor tile was also replaced with a larger 20" porcelain tile, installed on a diagonal to complement the interesting architectural lines of the home.

The new bathroom combines elements to offer a picture-perfect view – inside and out.