Asian-Inspired Oasis

Story by Randi Jo Gause • Photos by Photo Arts by Janna

When Jim and Victoria Clark set out to update their home, they targeted one of the most commonly overlooked rooms – the guest bathroom. The couple sought to turn their dark, cramped bathroom into a relaxed and airy retreat for guests.

Inspired by a picture of a bathroom she found in a magazine, Victoria tapped Judy Ashley of Florcraft to help bring her design ideas to fruition.

"They wanted to maximize the size of the bath, increase the lighting and change the interior look as well as ambiance of the room," explains Ashley.

Key design elements helped create a spacious and Asian-inspired feel, such as the "simplistic design elements in the layout of the shower, the type of cabinet and sleek lines of the fixtures," Judy adds. The harmonious combination of Victoria's vision and Judy's expertise resulted in a tranquil space enhanced by organic elements and clean lines.

Spa-like subdued earth tones accent the walls and countertops, while a bronze bamboo mural in the shower serves as a unique focal point. The room's neutral floor tiling with a sage green accent extends along the walls to create a seamless transition. "We wanted floor to ceiling ceramic tile for color and texture continuity," says Victoria.

Glass mosaics and glass bamboo sticks are also dispersed throughout the room to complement the Oriental theme. "The materials, bamboo accents and neutral colors are perfectly coordinated," Victoria explains.

Because the couple's master bathroom already included a luxurious tub, they decided to swap the guest bathroom's existing tub with a less intrusive shower. Transparent doors maintain a spacious feel while allowing the tile walls to blend seamlessly with the landscape.

"The bath now has a clean, relaxing, spa feel. It is small enough to be called a guest powder room – however, it does have a high tech, almost invisible shower," Victoria explains.

A pendant light dangles above a unique custom vanity comprised of a vessel sink displayed on a stone pedestal. "I did not want a long traditional vanity, so we chose a pedestal of granite with a hand-forged nickel sink," Victoria explains. An oversized mirror creates the backdrop for the vanity, creating the illusion of space.

Two custom-crafted, vertical cabinets are strategically positioned on each side of the vanity as a functional, yet minimalist storage feature.

But the path to a soothing space did not come without its renovation obstacles. The team faced a challenge in integrating modern fixtures into an outdated existing structure. "The contractor overcame numerous obstacles of (updating) an older home so everything aligns and operates as intended," Judy explains.

The resulting haven was well worth the extra effort. Each element of the bathroom intertwines in perfect harmony to create a Zen-like atmosphere worthy of guests' praise.