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New & Notable:
Smart & stylish products for the home
   Shelf life
Every shower needs a shelf. One common solution in a tiled shower is for the installer to construct a shelf using a tile covering that matches or accents the tiles in the shower area. These tile shelves can be challenging and time consuming to install but one fast and easy solution can be found with Schluter’s line of shower shelves. The 5/32-inch, brushed stainless steel shelves are made to fit neatly between rows of shower tile, and require no special tools
for installation. Available in five different shapes and sizes, the shelves come in curve and floral patterns to match Schluter’s point and linear drains with the same designs. Visit
   Under-the-sink solution
Offering more convenience in the kitchen, Moen’s EXL100c garbage disposal is equipped with six motion-activated LED lights, which illuminate the space under a kitchen sink with up
to 75 lumens of output when the cabinet door is opened.
“The area under the kitchen sink often can feel like an abyss of forgotten products, with lack of light making it difficult to see
and find what you’ve stored inside,” says Chris Nealon, senior product manager at Moen. “But now, just like the lights in your refrigerator and oven, the motion-activated lighted garbage disposal will illuminate the space around the appliance, so that struggling to see under the sink becomes a thing of the past.” The motion sensor is freely positionable, with a front-facing battery compartment for easy replacement. The disposal itself runs on
a powerful 1 HP engine, along with Moen’s VORTEX permanent magnet motor and SoundSHIELD insulation. The EXL100c attaches with Moen’s Universal Xpress Mount, which fits all Moen assemblies and most existing three-bolt garbage disposal mounts, along with an open dishwasher inlet that installs without tools. For more information, visit

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