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                   One of the most unique features of the home is in the living room: a wall accented with trees. “The tree wall gives the flow from inside to outside,” says Ann. “However, harvesting trees that are 22 feet tall was not exactly a fun date. We cut the trees at 25 feet tall in the winter, so hauling them was not a picnic, and had its challenges. But the design of them going through the floating hallway makes every sore muscle worth it!”
Hauling those trees wasn’t the only challenge: “The structure for me was pretty challenging,” says Mark, “and rewarding at the end. The cable system above the main living area was a new concept, and very fun to work on. Having it tested by the November 2018 earthquake was really cool, as it did incredibly well.” While everyone can agree that the earthquake wasn’t a fun experience, having a new structural concept tested by something that massive, and having it pass with flying colors, is very impressive.
Beyond all of the unique design features, this home has something that very few others can boast: an attached hangar. The best part about having their own hangar? “Turnkey, ready to go, inside and warm in the winter, and easy to do maintenance and care,” says Ann.
“We tried to blend the hangar into the house design so it didn’t look like a tumor,” says Mark. They did an incredible job of it too, as a neighbor once asked Jay where he kept his plane, while standing in front of the hangar!
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