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Spills and spots – busted!
Tackle those wet and chunky messes – you know, the ones you hate to touch – with Black & Decker’s new Cordless Spill + Spot Cleaner. With this spillbuster, you can skip the paper towels as the handheld's wide nozzle is designed to vacuum solid and liquid messes. The spray outlet dispenses cleaning solution (sold separately) while the scrub brush deep cleans stains from spots and spills. Simply vacuum
the wet and chunky mess, spray the cleaning solution, and lift tough stains with
the powered or manual scrub brush. The spillbuster also features a detachable
tank for effortless emptying and cleaning. Perfect for pet messes, kid messes and untouchable wet and chunky messes, including pet accidents, dirt and mud stains, and food and beverage spills on carpet, upholstery, tile, hardwood, and other surfaces. Available locally at Spenard Builders Supply, or for a full list of retailers near you, visit

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