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   Odor-resistant washers
Got a stinky front-loading washing machine? The new GE UltraFresh Front Load Washer shuts the door on odors. Winner of the Gold Award at the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show, this GE washer was specifically designed to prevent the growth of bacteria that can cause odors and lead to mold. Front load washing machines were designed for high-efficiency operation – they use the least water and energy, are gentler on clothes and have more capacity; however, 46 percent of consumers say that mold or odor is their top frustration when it comes to considering front load washers and many do not want to leave the door open to avoid the problem. In fact, one in two front load owners move back to top load washers because of smell and associated maintenance. With an emphasis on antimicrobial and odor-control technologies, GE aims to resolve this common odor complaint. It features an innovative vent system that introduces airflow
to your washer door, to prevent excess moisture and subsequent bacteria
and odor development when you close the machine door between washes. Additionally, the new models have SmartDispense technology, which holds an entire bottle of detergent, enough to wash 32 loads, and can sense how much detergent to use based on the weight and fiber of individual loads. The new washers also have flexible doors and come in two new colors, Satin Nickel and Diamond Gray. Available locally at Spenard Builders Supply, Allen & Petersen, or visit

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