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“The original design plans didn’t fit exactly what we needed,” says Jana, “so we had to change the design and layout as we went, including the staircase.” The location
of the home added another hurdle: “When you build in a rural setting like this,” says Carla, “it presents a unique set of challenges. Everything has to be brought in and it takes extra time and expense. Patrick even brought some of the lamp fixtures back with him in his suitcase when he went on a business trip!”
Getting beyond the challenges of building in a remote location, Carla and Patrick now get to enjoy the product of all that hard work they – and their contractor – put into the home. “We designed our kitchen after a home we owned previously, because we loved the flow and the extra large island. This kitchen feels like we’ve been here for a long time because it’s the same as that previous home.” The kitchen
is one of Jana’s favorite parts of the house as well: “I’m a kitchen and bath designer so of course I love the kitchen! The
big window to take in the views is amazing. The outside is just as striking as the inside for me, though. The textures and colors are just gorgeous, especially around the entrance and the deck.”
The house stood its first structural test during the 2018 earthquake, and it stood up very well. “A few cosmetic issues, but other than that it was all perfect,” says Carla. “I was in the house for that earthquake, and I’m very happy with how it performed. I was happy that we decided to
put in a wood stove, because I used that for heat after the earthquake! That stove makes a great space to enjoy winter evenings as well. We use it all the time now.”
“I also love the gym – that’s been a blessing during this pandemic,” adds Carla. Best of all: “We enjoy being where we are because we get to go outside and enjoy all the natural beauty of Alaska without any long drives.”
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