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Carla and Patrick fell in love with Alaska when they were stationed here in the military. “We made some wonderful lifelong friends here,” says Carla, “so we decided to move back. We found this wonderful lake and we love it! There was a house here already, a 3 bedroom with a garage, but we wanted a bigger house and outbuildings for land and water toys, so we decided to renovate to give ourselves that space.”
They certainly got the space they asked for, with a detached bunkhouse boasting four custom-built bunks and
a private bedroom in addition to the main house. “The bunkhouse is super cool,” says Jana Seda of 360 Construction & Design (formerly Trailboss Solutions). “Rustic elegance was more what we were going for there, with all the hardware
and rustic pieces. Every room had special care taken, and every room was designed specifically for the owners.”
That care shows throughout the home, with small pieces from Carla and Patrick’s life incorporated seamlessly into the larger design. “Having lived in many different houses and types of houses around the world, there are lots of features that we liked and we wanted to incorporate those into this house,” says Carla. “But we wanted it to be comfortable and we wanted it to have that Alaska feel.” Carla had pieces of furniture and decor that she knew she wanted to end up
in the house, but they were all in storage when they were working on the design. “We worked off of photos she had,” says Jana. “Figuring out how to work a piece into a new
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