Ask the Expert

Bathroom fixtures

Q: I have never remodeled a bathroom before, so I haven’t given much thought to bathroom fixtures. With so many choices, styles and colors out there, I’m pretty overwhelmed. What are your top tips for selecting the perfect fixtures for our bath?

Whether your bathroom remodel is a complete renovation or a re-fresh, there are fun and functional solutions for every project. With so many options available the selection process can be overwhelming. It doesn’t have to be.

Keep it simple! If you are not a bather, and it’s your master bath, don’t plan on a tub! As long as there is already one tub in the house, you are covered for resale. Look for showers that are contemporary and clean, like Duravit’s OpenSpace line. Add a simple hand shower (at the very least) for flexibility of cleaning. Or dress it up with multiple body sprays, like Hydrachoice by Brizo, and customize them to your height.

If you are a bather, there is no better time to shop for a tub. My suggestion: First pick a tub that fits the bather. Don’t let the fact that you may not care for “jets” sacrifice your bathing experience. Air systems are a whole different experience than traditional jetted tubs and are proven to be the most hygienic. No jets, no air, no problem. You can now benefit from a therapeutic soak with no jet or air systems and instead enjoy the benefits of heat zones built into the tub shell for warm deep relaxation. Add some lighting and aromatherapy to top it off.

Make it yours! You can transform an average space into an interesting, fun area with your own personal touches.

Keep it clean and timeless. Don’t be afraid of white for your main fixtures. Oftentimes colored tubs and sinks can age your home. Working with white as your main pallet opens up so any options to choose from for faucet finishes. Everything goes with white.

Don’t forget to accessorize. This is the easiest part of a remodel also the easiest things to change out in a few years if you feel a “re-fresh” is in order. Double towel bars, towel warmers, decorative medicine cabinets complete with plug-ins and cold storage are great accessories. The sky is the limit. Have fun with this.

Leah Lamb works as the Showroom Manager at Pacific Plumbing in Anchorage. Visit