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Exhibitors at the upcoming home shows share what's hot right now in home products and trends

E550 Endless Pools Fitness System

The E550 Endless Pools Fitness System is fully dedicated to giving the ultimate swim experience – 15 feet long featuring a wider exercise area with no jetted seats. This extra space improves water flow throughout the spa, which can be adjusted to add resistance and engage your core. After a long day, you can still unwind with 23 hydromassage jets positioned at back height. You can also opt for an underwater treadmill to walk, jog or run in a watery low-impact environment.

The Waterworks Spas and Saunas
Anchorage Home Show; Kenai Peninsula Builders Association Home Show; Mat-Su Home Show


Still making repairs from the big ‘quake? If you need to make concrete repairs – stabilizing a concrete slab, repairing a driveway or setting a pole – consider asking your contractor about Specialty Products, Inc.’s ECO-RISE foam. ECO-RISE is a two-component, closed cell, rigid structural plyurethane foam system free from toxic heavy metal catalysts, ozone-depleting products, bromine, halogenated components and formaldehyde. It’s also safe for burying or disposing at a landfill, resistant to mildew, bacteria and fungus, and it can withstand the Alaskan cold. It’s lower cost than many concrete options, quicker to apply, has less weight impact on soil, and it creates a better insulated base than concrete and other alternatives, like grout jacking. With ECO-RISE, you may even be able to float your garage slab with foam instead of going through extra steps tearing it out and repouring it.

Polyseal Insulation
Anchorage Home Show

Kohltech Tilt & Turn Windows

Say goodbye to pulling open sticky windows with the Kohltech Tilt & Turn windows, which open with the turn of a handle. Made with triple pane vinyl, it’s more economical than fiberglass and stands up against the Alaskan cold. Plus, its multi-point locking system allows you to stay safe with the window open, partially open or fully closed. The fusion-welded frame is strong, stable and available in many colors to fit your needs.

Hoffer Glass
IABA Home Show

The Bargain Can

These large, insulated container units – sizing up to be 8’ wide by 20’ with an 8’ ceiling – are truly versatile. The Bargain Can base unit includes a door and two windows and only weighs 2000 pounds, perfect to haul to a remote location and serve as a warm-up shack, mother-in-law quarters, a job site trailer, or even a tiny home. An added bonus: Each unit only takes about four minutes to set up, giving you a cozy space in no time.

Builders Bargains
Anchorage Home Show; Mat-Su Home Show; IABA Home Show

GAF’s Timberline HD Shingles

Never fret over reroofing prices again with GAF’s Timberline HD Shingles. GAF shingles can withstand hurricane-force winds, rainstorms and heat, and when a new roof is installed with at least three qualifying GAF accessories (such as ridge cap shingles, Cobra attic ventilation or leak barriers), homeowners automatically receive a lifetime-limited warranty on the shingles and accessories. Bonus: When installed by a GAF factory-certified contractor, you also get a 25-year installation warranty.

Interior Alaska Roofing
IABA Home Show

Finnleo Summit Sauna

Heat things up in your backyard with the Finnleo Summit Sauna. Canadian Hemlock gives it a quaint style to complement any backyard, plus it’s durable and water-resistant with all-weather metal roofing. The sauna’s windows also allow you to enjoy the nature around you with the luxury of an at-home spa perfectly suited for the Alaskan climate.

The Waterworks Spas and Saunas
Anchorage Home Show; Kenai Peninsula Builders Association Home Show; Mat-Su Home Show

Smart Thermostat

Upgrade your home with an Alarm.com Smart Thermostat, and you can save between 9 and 16 percent of the energy you'd normally use to heat your house this winter, according to EPA testing for its ENERGY STAR certification. With remote temperature sensors installed in different rooms, the smart thermostat can optimize your home's temperature for any room of your choosing. Easily correct a room that's too hot, make sure that the nursery is just right at naptime, and create custom comfort schedules targeted to the rooms you use throughout the day.

Guardian Security
Anchorage Home Show; Kenai Peninsula Builders Association Home Show; IABA Home Show

Cambria Quartz Countertops

Cambria Quartz countertops are not only elegant, but also come in a variety of marbled designs – from deep, rich and moody to designs that almost mimic the color and curve of wood grains. Each collection has its own theme, but all of them share a very important feature: durability. Quartz is a hard, nonporous surface, making it resistant to stains from kitchen spills, food-safe and maintenance-free.

Mountain Tops
Anchorage Home Show

Blum SERVO DRIVE Technology

Shuffling items from hand to hand trying to open a drawer or cabinet? The fuss is over with Blum’s SERVO DRIVE technology. With a gentle tap or light pull on a handle, your cabinet drawers or cupboard doors will open softly and effortlessly on their own. While they’re in motion, though, you can grab them and stop them at any time. If there’s a power outage, you can still operate your doors and drawers manually. Special bumpers and cabling make it easy to install the system to any of your kitchen storage areas.

Builders Bargains
Anchorage Home Show; Mat-Su Home Show; IABA Home Show

American Whirlpool 982 Hot Tub

Transform your backyard into a spa retreat with the American Whirlpool 982 Hot Tub. Soak away stress and target your muscles with 84 hydrotherapy jets for complete indulgence. The tub accommodates eight people and comes with many customization features, including a water purification system, wifi connectivity and a bluetooth music system. Perfect for entertaining family or just getting away from it all. The fully removable, energy-efficient insulation allows for easy repair, if ever needed. The full steel frame comes with a lifetime warranty and an ABS-sealed base, keeping moisture out and heat in.

Alaska Stove & Spa
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